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This is ZL2PGJ Korin Tsuruta. QTH of ZL era were Napier and Gisborne of North Is.
Ham since 1992 (7L2PGJ / 2kyu class of JA) and ZL license since 2002 (General). My XYL is 7L2PGK, ham since 1992.
My XYLand I started from 1,200MHz motor cycle FM mobile for our convenient motor cycle touring. In huge traffic jam of JA, we often missing each other, so to prevent this unhappy tour we became hams. After I got ham license, we lost chances of motor cycle touring due to my ham activities. (Anyway she had busy time for education in universities) Regret to say, I had no motor cycle in ZL but I have enjoyed another driving pressures in my garage, Toyota MR2.

Gisborne is almost east end of ZL. Gisborne is agricultural area and many crops ships to overseas from plenty fields but the name of this region is Poverty Bay. In 1769, Capt James Cook landed Gisborne as a first visitor from Europe. In the day, he and his team were kicked out by local native people without supply of foods and water. So, he put the name Poverty Bay on this plenty land!!.

End of 2005, I relocated to JA due to my business reason and temporary closed my ZL ham activities. Now, I live in JA, near Tokyo. I will start my 7L2PGJ activity soon with TVI ...... Hundreds of families have life within 100m radius.....

What is my business?

Originally, I am a food engineer especially Quality Assurance and factory efficiency improvement (with cost saving!)
Meat packer, canned foods, frozen foods, pet foods, etc etc multiple food industories are my enjoyable job world.

My system in Gisborne were follows;




Multi band dipole ANT for 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m & 6m
Delta loop for 80m & WARC bands


JA system?

Not set up completed yet due to too busy licensing system.

Ham Activities

My activities in Ham in JA will be,

UHF & SHF / CW, SSB & FM (IC970D with 1.2G & 2.4G)

My activities in Ham in ZL were,

40m, 20m, 15m, 10m, & 6m
CW, SSB, FM, SSTV, RTTY, PSK, MFSK & other digital
eQSO, echolink & Skype (ID is zl2pgj in all these modes)

here is my most high frequent combinatons of bands and modes.
7.033 SSTV
7.036 digital
14.070-14.090 digital & RTTY
14.230 SSTV
Somewhere in 20m band SSB
Somewhere in 15m band SSB

My other hobbies and interests are follows;

Make my wife smile
Motor cycle, (Yamaha, Honda)
Automobile, (Audi, Toyota, Suzuki)
Star watching (with Carl Zeiss, Nikon)
Bird watching (with Carl Zeiss, Nikon)
Navy history, (Many books)
Thunder Birds (Many things)
House maintenance, (with Ryobi, Bosch)
Factory improvement,
Photograph (both film & digital / Nikon)
Skeet shooting (with Miroku)
Needle Work (with DMC)

Toyota SW20 MR2 VVTi 2.0 litre



Photo by JJ1IUK Yamaha FZ250

Audi A3 Sportback Quatrro 3.2 litre


Gisborne city
MM software Soundcard modem for SSTV, RTTY, PSK, MFSK & other digitals [FREE!]
JAIG (Deutch) Germany & Japan Friendship Amateur Radio Club

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